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Ducks Country House & Venue

We are privileged with our printing service to be able to work at such a wide variety of venues in South Africa. We have worked in major casino conference halls, hotel's, wedding venue's, community halls and small parties at homes.

This weekend we worked a lovely venue called Ducks Country House, situated on the river bank in Henley on klip.

After setting up before the guests arrived, I had alot of time to kill until my que after the main course was served. I wandered around the property down to the river, amongst the tall oak trees, through the bamboo sections and sat in the gardens as the sun went down. This was obviously the time the birds head home too as it was alive with bird life and chatter. It dawned on me how rushing around the city chasing deadlines made me forget about the quiet spaces and the tranquil life next to a river. I needed to wait approx 3 hours before my printing slot, and I enjoyed every minute of it with such a relaxed atmosphere.

The property is amazing, the surroundings are perfect for unwinding and their food is to die for.

I dont normally do posts like these, but if you are looking for a special space for a wedding, conference or event, give this place a try, It certainly chilled me out.

Ducks Country House - Anita (016) 366 0421


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